Do you accept foreign students?2023-03-27T12:04:44+01:00

Yes our courses are available to everyone who holds a PART-66 B1 or B2 licence

Does BSA offer Apprenticeships?2023-03-27T12:09:44+01:00
No- Apprenticeships are offered by Airlines and MRO’s and they then send the apprentice to study an aviation related courses to places like Resource Group.
Unfortunately, BSA cannot assist in this process and you would need to contact them directly.
Are your courses Face to Face or online?2023-05-09T14:23:46+01:00

Our Drone courses are conducted in-person.

All other courses are Theory online with Exams at BSA and Practical at Luton or Heathrow Airport.

What if we want a Face to Face course?2023-03-27T14:59:37+01:00

We understand that online courses do not suit everyone and if a Face to Face course is required, this can be facilitated in one of our Boeing designed classrooms with dual projectors and theatre style seating. This option would require a minimum of 10 attendees

Other schools offer online practical- do you?2023-03-27T15:03:19+01:00
Let’s see what the Dictionary defines “Practical” as:
  1. practical /ˈpræktɪkəl/ adjective
    Relating to what is real rather than to what is possible or imagined through video or online
    An engineer will address the design’s practical problems.
    She has a lot of practical experience in dealing with these kinds of problems.
  2. practical /ˈpræktɪkəl/ noun
    An examination in which students have to do or make something to show what they have learned.
    That says it all, online practical is not something that BSA believes in!
    Yes, we have in-class instructor led CBT, however the CBT is in addition to a live practical on a real aircraft, do not accept less by schools not having access to real aircraft.
Do you guarantee a pass?2023-05-09T14:12:07+01:00

No we do not guarantee that you will pass, our trainees pass through the quality of teaching, BSA resources and through your own merit!

What certificate will I be issued?2023-03-27T15:07:45+01:00

BSA holds EASA, UK CAA and HK CAD approvals. Generally, we will issue you a single certificate but if you do hold multiple licences please let us know and we will liaise with you to organise this.


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