This is an advanced MCC course that is designed to develop in students the technical and non-technical components of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to operate a multi-crew aircraft. This course is delivered at our partner school near Malaga.

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Who is the course for?
This course is for professional pilots who hold an EASA CPL and ME-IR who are looking to join a carrier that requires an MCC certificate to start a type rating on a Multi-Crew aircraft.

What are the entry requirements?
Applicants for this course must hold each of the following: EASA CPL(A), EASA ME-IR, EASA ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge credits.

What qualification will be awarded?
At the end of the course an EASA APS-MCC Certificate will be awarded.

What does the course cover?
This course covers: 35 hours (5 days) of theoretical knowledge instruction, 40 hours (10 days) of simulator training (Airbus A320), briefing and de-briefing before and after simulator sessions, advanced swept-wing jet aeroplane training, advanced airline operations scenario training, final practical assessment, online access to manuals and training materials, EASA Course Completion Certificate.

What’s not included with this course?
Accommodation (although we are happy to arrange this if needed), food, equipment.

What are my opportunities once the course is completed?
To join a professional carrier operating Multi-Crew aircraft, for example the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737.

How long is the course?
The APS-MCC course lasts for 3 weeks.

Where and how is the course delivered?
This course is delivered at our partner school near Malaga.

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