Boeing 737Classic Part 147 B1/B2 Type Rating

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Course only applies to B1/B2/C licenced engineers, other individuals can take our GENFAM course

Boeing 737NG Part 147 B1/B2 type rating

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Course description? Boeing 737NG Part 147 B1/B2 type rating
Who is this course designed for? Part 66 B1/B2 qualified engineers
Entry requirements? Must have a Part 66 B1/B2 Licence
What does the course cover? Theory and Exam (Practical depending on course)
How long does it take? TBC
What qualification will I get? EASA Part 147 type rating
What are the opportunities once I am qualified? To become a Certifying Engineer
How to apply Email or call the team
Dates and location of course? Coming 2020