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We have designed the pilot training section of the website to give you as much information as we can to help you make the right decisions for you personally when it comes to training to become a pilot.

We have split the pilot section into two distinct parts: the first is the raw information and the second is our courses with full information and prices. We want you to be able to read unbiased information to help you make the very important decisions about your training and to understand the process better, which should hopefully remove some of the stress.

At the bottom of the page you will see the boxes that take you to some of the informational pages, or you can just use the drop down menu above.

All of the info pages have a handy menu that helps you navigate around the different parts of the training journey. A good place to start is the becoming an airline pilot page which will give you a good overview of the journey to becoming a commercial airline pilot.

If you just want to find out about our courses, then head straight to the book a course page where you will find all the information on our courses, including dates & prices.

It is important to note that we have all been where you are – trying to figure out how to become a pilot and then once we have decided to go ahead, trying to make a sensible training plan. For some of us that are a little older, that information had to come from piecing together a plan from phone calls, magazine articles and books. Luckily it has now become much easier to find the information through the web, but it also means there is so much information that it can be difficult to know what to read or even believe.

With that in mind we have tried to put together lots of useful and factual information for you.

We have separated our products from the information so you can use the information to choose your path either with BSA or a different school.

We hope that you find the information helpful and that it stops you making some of the mistakes we made along the way!

Good luck with your journey.

The BSA Pilot Training Team

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