Our B737 MAX Course Has Been A Success!

Last week, I had the privilege of sitting in our instructor Mick’s B737 MAX Engineering class.

The students seated around me were all completely enthralled by Mick’s lesson on tension latches. Looking around the room, I saw that everyone’s focus was directed towards the front of the class where Mick was giving an in-depth tutorial on how to safely open and close the thrust reverser of a B737 MAX aircraft.

To make the class as engaging as possible for the students, Mick incorporated videos and interactive elements into his lesson; often pausing the content in order to offer a more advanced review of the subject matter.

Mick also draws connections between the practical lessons that the students attend at the Hangar, and the theoretical knowledge that they acquire in the classroom. For instance, Mick made a connection between the engine brackets that were being depicted in a video the class were viewing, and an engine that the students had gotten to grips with during their practical session a day earlier. Mick understands that applying theoretical knowledge to practical experiences enhances a student’s learning, thus applies this style of teaching to his course.

B737 MAX Engineering Class at British School of Aviation

Furthermore, Mick asked the students for their thoughts on how to achieve certain outcomes on a B737 MAX aircraft, and invited the students to voice their ideas and encouraged discussion within the class. Consequently, creating a vibrant learning environment within the room. I thought that I (a history graduate with no notable knowledge of aircraft engineering) would be able to get away with cowering at the back of the classroom, yet Mick made sure to include me in the lesson and asked my thoughts on the topic that he was covering.

B737 MAX Engineering Class at British School of Aviation

The students – who had travelled from across Europe to attend the course – had been studying online for the past few months. When I asked how they found the transition from online learning to classroom-based learning at BSA, they responded in universal satisfaction with how well the online side of the course connects with the in-house side. There was also strong praise for Mick’s high standard of teaching, and it was clear that the students see Mick as a trusted figure in Luton to talk to about unrelated matters alongside being their instructor. After class, Mick and the students discussed the course material over cups of tea, with Mick observing to see how comfortable the students were with what they had covered. 

Everyone at BSA wishes the students the best of luck on their upcoming exams.

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