Meet Our Rolls-Royce Dart!

In an isolated corner of one of our workshop rooms resides a Rolls-Royce Dart, which was the world’s first turboprop engine put to commercial use.

Designed in 1946 by Rolls-Royce Limited, this particular dart was applied to the Fokker F27 Friendship. 

The Rolls-Royce Dart engine was deemed particularly desirable due to its ability to produce significantly less vibration and noise than its counterparts. This resulted in a much more comfortable flight for both passengers and crew. 

A rare museum-esque attraction at our ATO, this Dart is believed to have been produced in the 1950’s or 1960’s. There are only 7 other known Rolls-Royce Dart engines on display in the world. 

The Dart was first run in 1948, when it powered British airliner Vickers Viscount on its maiden flight in 1948. More than 7,100 Darts were produced between the mid 1940’s and the late 1980’s, accumulating in over 170 million flying hours.