BRITISH SCHOOL OF AVIATION – UK.147.0123EASA PART 66 SHORT COURSES AND EXAMINATIONS 


Warning: These courses are being offered only to aircraft mechanics and technicians who wish to upgrade their existing qualifications. Attending these modular revision training courses does not constitute attending a fulltime Part 147 Basic Course.  This EASA Part 66 short course training programme is being offered by the British School of Aviation in partnership with QCM. QCM is based in Switzerland and is an EASA Approved Part 147 ( Their approval Number is CH.147.0012) for basic Part 66 training and examination. The revision training is being provided by BSA and the examination for the modules is being organised by QCM. The  Course starts when the candidate registers and pays for the material/training and examination. Please see the list of module short courses and examinations HERE

On receipt of payment, the candidate will be provided with a password to access the module course material online. The candidate will then start studying the material in their own time. The training material is being offered as e-books. Candidates can purchase the printed versions, but this will be at a further cost. The candidate will attend the chosen module’s short course revision programme and then sit for the examination as per the published training and examination programme. An EASA Part 66 Certificate of Recognition will be issued to candidates who are successful in the examination of their chosen module.BSA has published a full programme on its website which gives the detail such as the dates for the specific modular revision course and the respective examinations. All prospective attendees to these courses MUST register in advance and complete the study prior to attending the revision course and sitting for the Part 66 examinations. All payments must be made via credit card/bank transfer or PayPal. Candidates who register for all the modules on at least one of the three training phases, August, October and December 2020 will be eligible for a discount of 10%. 

Note for candidates regarding EASA Part 66 Modular examinations: Candidate must ensure that all information supplied on the registration form is correct. The candidate must declare that he/she has not taken any of the selected modular exam(s) within the last ninety (90) days. Candidate must declare that he/she is complying with the Regulation Part 66 Appendix II 1.13 (the maximum number of consecutive attempts for each module is three (3). Note that further sets of 3 attempts are allowed after a one-year period between sets. In order to qualify for a Basic Part 66 Licence, Candidates must pass all the relevant modules within the relevant Category and demonstrate evidence of five years of work experience in aircraft maintenance. Please refer to EASA Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 on Continuing Airworthiness Revision March 2020 Part 66– Applicable from 24 March 2020. 

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