Drone Training

Flying a Drone for a hobby or for business?

drone training

Under legislation, if you want to fly a drone or model aircraft you must register yourself to use one and take a test to fly.  Anyone who flies a drone must pass a theory test to get a flyer ID and the person responsible for the drone must obtain an operator ID. 

Drone flying is a rising trend internationally.  Whether you choose to fly as a hobby or as a business, you may want to consider taking a drone flying course to perfect your skills.  It is an expensive hobby, and one which can become costly if the right training and experience aren’t acquired.

If you are flying a drone for commercial purposes, you will need to acquire Permission for Commercial Operation, effectively a Licence, before you can legally fly.  You need to register your organisation to use drones and then select a suitable drone flying course. When choosing your drone flight training course, ensure you select a CAA approved academy with a recognised qualification.

You can find out more general information on drone flying and training on the Civil Aviation Authority’s website.