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Who this course is for

If you want to either become a competent drone pilot or take your first steps toward becoming a professional drone pilot, then this is the course for you. Maybe you have just purchased your first drone and want to fly it safely, maybe you have a drone gathering dust because you never got to grips with it.

Duration of the course is half a day and being in the UK it is of course weather dependent, although we do like you to fly in challenging conditions within reason and of course well supervised.

What to expect during the course

Theoretical Knowledge: Approx 1 hour 

This is a practical introductory course that covers:

  1. DMARES Registration
  2. Drone Set Up
  3. Drone Characteristics
  4. Remote Pilot Best Practice
  5. Drone Control

Practical Flight training

This is where the real fun begins, you will get to fly both your own drone and one of our drones to understand the different characteristics.

Our instructors will make sure you go away confident in setting up and flying your drone both safely and legally.

Pre Entry Requirements
  • Be over 16 unless accompanied by an adult also on the course 
  • Have your own drone, if not we can provide a limited number
  • Drone Insurance if using your own drone – we can help you to arrange this, recreational drone insurance is not expensive 

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