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Have You Heard About Our Course Configurator?


Dreamt of becoming a pilot since childhood, but don’t know where to start?

Always aspired to have a career in aviation, but can’t quite fund it?

Been saving up for your PPL Theory, but aren’t sure how to embark on further pilot training?

If this sounds like you, you’ve reached the right place.

British School of Aviation’s COURSE CONFIGURATOR is here to help. Our configurator allows you to take control of your pilot training plan, whilst informing you of the most cost-efficient way you can train.

Our configurator contains:

  • all of the prices for each stage of training (pre-training, all pilot training courses, and exams).
  • allows you to add accommodation costs.
  • allows you to add a daily food allowance.
  • includes contingency money.

Have a go here: Pilot Training Course Configurator

For more information on how to become a professional pilot visit: How To Become A Pilot

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