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A Little Look At How BSA Utilises The Renowned Padpilot Training Manuals To Support theory courses


At British School of Aviation, theory courses are taken seriously. 

This is because we believe in encouraging our students to develop a strong base of theoretical knowledge so that they can learn and grow throughout their aviation careers. In other words – our students don’t just do the bare minimum to pass their ATPL(A) exams and pursue practical lessons. Instead, BSA students are mindful and intelligent aviators, who understand the value of accumulating a concrete foundation of theoretical knowledge before entering an airspace. 

BSA’s high quality teaching of theoretical courses is supplemented and sustained by the renowned Padpilot training system. 

Padpilot are not an aviation academy or ground school. Instead, they focus solely on placing their undivided attention on digital publishing, and as a result provide innovative educational materials for Aviation Training Organisations. Therefore, whilst BSA is a bustling and vibrant academy with different facets and agendas, our theory classes remain focused and undisturbed. Consequently, our theoretical teaching is of assured quality, due to our use of the expertly crafted Padpilot manuals.



In a nutshell, Padpilot creates the most advanced yet accessible theoretical knowledge materials for aspiring pilots.

Available to download as ebooks on all Apple devices, Padpilot manuals include interactive features such as 3D models, animations, videos, and graphs. These features elevate a trainee pilots’ learning experience, simplify their theoretical studies and make the often abstract concepts that they are studying tangible and graspable. 

The additional inclusion of modern and engaging case studies contextualises the study material and encourages students to think deeply about how they would respond to the situations they may encounter in their future careers. Additionally, Padpilot manuals allow users to create notes, revision cards and partake in quizzes, alongside having access to a useful sidebar and a glossary of terms, which undoubtedly assists students with exam preparation and revision. 



Overall, BSA and Padpilot are united in their philosophy that theoretical knowledge is of utmost importance in a trainee pilot’s academic journey. Thanks to our experienced instructors and their employment of Padpilot’s esteemed manuals, BSA provides aviation theory teaching of the highest possible standard and is able to award students sufficient knowledge to apply to their practical training and future careers. 

An added bonus of our incorporation of Padpilot manuals is that students can conduct extra study from home or in their own time to ensure that they are well prepared for their exams.

Access both free Padpilot ebooks: Guide to Distance Learning’ and ‘Maths and Physics for Pilots’ here:

This is a free introduction for pre-ATPL(A) students.

Complete titles and free samples of all Padpilot books are available to download from the Apple store.

Once downloaded, Padpilot books are yours to keep, and updates to existing editions are always free.


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